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It might be their birthday, a holiday or anniversary, but the fact is that a few days before the event we are always faced with the painstaking question “What should I get her/him?”. It makes our stomach crawl (if you really want to make an impression) or just makes us put those thoughts aside until the last minute (which is not at all a pleasant one, when we finally deal with it). To save yourself the troubles of running around the city, usually in huge crowds, waiting in lines for cash registers, or just finding the “sold out” message across the items that you finally decided on, you’d better start thinking about that a little bit in advance. Better yet, do not think too much, just go for the best thing that you see on the market now and that both matches how much you want to spend and the effect you want to achieve. And that just might be the Neff watch.

Neff Watches, A Watch No Longer Pretentious, Just Cool

When it comes to giving a watch, I have to say that I do not think it is an easy item to go for, first of all because watches are often associated with status and luxury and therefore, you might think that if you do not go for an expensive designer brand, it will make you look cheap. But no, this absolutely does not have to be the case anymore, because with a Neff watches you can choose a reasonably priced one (with a price range of $25-65) but that is supercool and that will make your significant other think you really put an effort into finding the right gift, since it is neither generic nor ubiquitous.

You Chose The Item, No Make It Match The Person

Neff selection of watches is quite amazing – 16 models with most of them available in many different patterns and colors (some of them with as much as 18 alternatives to choose from). So, depending on the style of your partner – business-type, classic and simple, old-school elegance, geekish, fashionista or any other – you can choose digital display in the 80’s design, stainless steel watchcase, adjustable silicone band, etc. And when it comes to sizes, which can be a rather tricky issue with gifts, here you can relax – one fits all or they are fully adjustable. Finally, make sure to check those colorful options because they will leave an amazing impression as they pop out on your partners wrist and add liveliness to their every outfit.

The Watch As A Romantic Symbol
When buying a present for a romantic partner, the most important thing in the end is what will it say to them or what message will it have, because we all know partners often look for deeper meanings in presents. And with watches, it can be either something in the line of “now we live our time together”, “I give my time to you” or “the watch always tell the truth and so do I”. Anyway, it is up to you to think of the perfect accompanying gift card, but a watch will absolutely be a good inspiration.

In this day and age, you are probably wondering why on Earth your child could possibly need a new neff wrist watch. Technology has improved quite a bit throughout the years, and many people have let the ‘watch craze’ die out as smart phones became introduced. This should not be the case, however, because children especially are infamous for breaking their smart phones, and how can they check the time if they are on their skateboard? Watches are a necessity in this day and age, and fortunately for the children into rough and tumble, far more durable than the newest iPhone. Here are a list of ten reasons why a Neff watch is perfect for your child.

1. Neff watches are offered in many different colors and designs, so no matter how picky the child, they will have a smile on their face when they match their first Neff watch to an outfit for the very first time. Does your child pride themselves on skateboarding and designs associated with that? There are numerous designs with a thumb’s up, shaggy haired characters, as well as beanies. Is your child more of the type to enjoy peace signs and calm colors and trees? Neff’s got you covered there, too, with peace signs and calming sunsets among many more awesome designs.

2. Waterproof. Children have a nasty habit of forgetting to take off their watches when they are about to go into the pool, but with this amazing watch, that will cease to be an issue.

3. Durable. No matter what sports your child indulges in, the watch will be able to keep up with them no matter the wear and tear.

4. Various designs are offered for the Neff watches, including colorful watches as well as different native designs. They come in many different types so no matter what your child’s taste, they will easily be able to match their Neff watch to their own personal style.

5. Gender Neutral. The watches’ various designs can be considered extremely gender neutral, generally in hues of blues and reds and purple. No matter what the gender of your child, there is certainly a watch that can be found to fit their personal taste and style.

6. Cartoon Designs. Is your child waiting anxiously on your next Disney trip? Surprise them with a watch with Mickey Mouse’s face to tide them over until you are able to take another trip to Disneyland.

7. Adjustable straps. Children come in all shapes and sizes, and no matter what the size or bone structure, you can find a watch for your child that will suit their every need. The straps are easily adjustable to make either tighter or a bit looser depending on how your child is built. This adds to the durability of the watch because it can grow with your child, so no more replacing watches with every growth spurt!

8. Large watch face. Some children have difficulty reading a clock, especially if they are a bit younger, but the Neff watches come in various different types, so even if your child does not know how to read a regular clock, watches are offered that are digital numbers only. No matter what your child’s specific needs, Neff’s got you covered.

9. Easily affordable as well as easy to find. Neff watches are offered on most online shops as well as carried in various shopping malls.

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