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Neff was launched in 2002 by two individuals by the name of Shaun and Joe Neff as an authentic snow & skate organization. Neff is a company based around the active youth providing accessories such as watches, sunglasses, beanies and more. The company is supported by some of the largest action sports athletes and well known personalities in the world. Neffs head quarter is in Camarillo, California and is sold in over 45 countries to various action sports retailers. Neff promotes having fun and engaging in good clean fun.

“We are like a gumball machine; spitting out endless flavors for the world to consume,” – Shaun Neff

Neff is not confined to a specific category, they are not defined by a single genre of product or niche. They are into fashion, entertainment, and sports. Neff is currently growing faster than ever as it’s now growing into a more of an active fashion. Neff recently partnered with NBA Super Star Kevin Durant to launch NeffWear, an active lifestyle underwear collection for those who are into getting a work out. Neff has also partnered with names such as Snoop Dogg, Deadmau5, Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, Kate Upton, and still continuing to grow.

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