Neff Watches – A Little bit of Wrist Candy

Kids can be so demanding these days. They want style, they want function and they want to look effortless while achieving it. Enter Neff watches. These watches are cool, trendy and designed to keep up with your kid’s active life. Neff watches are practical features with catchy designs guaranteed to impress even your pickiest off-spring. Here are 10 reasons why a Neff watch is a great choice for your children, whether they are 5 or 15.

Get yourself a Neff Watch, Today… You’ll thank yourself later

1. Durability
The founders of Neff are all about action and this element is clear in all their accessory designs. With a case made from protective ABS and a polyurethane ribbed band, these watches are durable, great for the outdoors and won’t absorb any smelly odors. They are perfect for a classroom or a campsite.

2. Water resistant
I don’t know about you, but my kids rarely have the presence of mind to take off their watch before diving into the deep end of a pool. With a Neff watch, they don’t have to, these babies are water resistant for up to 165 feet. And its not just the mechanics that will survive a water world visit, the polyurethane band is water resistant as well.
3. Practical Size and Weight
Neff watches come in child friendly sizes – big enough so that they aren’t always squinting at the time but not annoyingly clunky either. The lightweight design is perfect for school and extracurricular activities. Your kid will only remember that he has a watch on when he’s telling the time or when someone compliments him on how cool it is.
4. Its arm candy for the wrist
The Custom Neff Design is fresh and trendy – guaranteed to please even the most discerning (read picky) child. Whether they like astronauts or laugh in the face of a shark attack, they will look and feel cool with a Neff watch on their wrist. Take a walk on the wild side with the Daily Wild watch designs or be a sucker for the Daily Sucker watch.
5. Easy to Read
Teach your kids how to keep time with a Neff watch. The easy to read analog or digital dials are great for children and make it easy for them to tell the time. The large number fonts are ideal for children who are still getting the hand of reading time.
6. Affordable
Neff offers very good value without breaking the bank. A no-frills, durable watch will cost you only $25 and for as little as $30, you will get a Neff custom designed watch.
7.Adjustable Band
One size fits all with a Neff watch. Not only will it grow with your child (and save you having to buy a new watch every year), you can probably borrow it too!
Variety is the spice of life, they say? We agree. Neff offers over 30 design variations to choose from, and who doesn’t like choices? With its affordable prices, feel free to get a watch design for every occasion.
9.You Can Buy Them Online
We all know that kids don’t like to shop, or at least they don’t like to shop with us hovering around them. Eliminate this problem buy buying.
10. It’s a Neff, gosh darn it!’Neff said.

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